The quick answer in most cases is no! If you buy art and speculate that you will make a lot of money with it, you can bet Bitcoin or the daily rate. Unless you have so much money that you can buy a Monet at Christies!

Basically you should buy art because you like it, a work of art should above all get a home, a place where it delights the residents and not a warehouse where it collects dust and ekes out its existence as a possible object of speculation. It is also pathetic to see museums have many more works than they can display. This may sound like a romanticized idea of ​​an artist, but works are meant to be seen, even if it’s only about one person.

Art speculation ?

Expecting that an artist will become famous and that one can later sell a work for millions is nowadays an impossibility because of the sheer number of artists.

Certainly Picasso and co. have also become so famous because of the spotters who withheld the pictures. But does a work of art have to be worth so much that only 1% of the population can buy it? Doesn’t that make it more difficult for museums to acquire works of art when they are so expensive?

Of course it is nice to buy works of art to support an artist, but you should always consider buying something you want and not out of pity!

For those who are never interested in art, don’t forget even Starwars pictures or shirts are made by someone and if that’s more your thing. Go for it and buy it Support it. Just watch out that it is child labor from 3rd countries as is often the case with t-shirts. After all, your buying behavior can support both good and bad industries.