If you often watch YouTube and are interested in animation or have a smartphone or iphone. You have inevitably come across a technology that a person can transform into a 3D avatar with the help of a camera. The movements are recorded by the camera and transferred to the figure on the screen.

I personally use the technology with the Animator 4 + Plugin program. It takes you further and further away from classic animation but saves time and is therefore very useful.

But what fascinates me is the way the company Hololive deals with it. It is a Japanese company that promote Idols. Basically, these men (Holostars) and women (Hololive) get anime avatars that move and speak in the same principle as mentioned above.

They play games, talk to their audience, sing and all in real time in the form of live steams. This means that they are much more superior to preplanned animated characters and, through the use of a person who plays the character, are able to market themselves better than Mickey and co. could ever do.

Pandoras Box!

This opens up new and unimagined possibilities for both actors and animation studios. The character is not only banned from the playing time of a pre-planned film, but he also reacts. The biggest advantage of video games in contrast to film or picture was that you could react with the environment even if planned.

Now with the help of actors and certainly later artificial intelligence, one could change and revolutionize the field of film forever. It would be a return to the theater, where the actors and the audience come closer again.

Would be great if you could achieve that with pictures. The figures in the picture look back at people or react to a smile. Or can testify if someone was murdered before you … ok that goes a little too far, better if you stop here!