First of all, let’s all cook with water! Not that it’s not already clear, but this is my attempt to explain some of it. After all, much in art is made out as if by magic.

There are a small number of artists who can really draw anything – very few. Most of the time you practice until you are very good at a drawing, which is then presented to the public over and over again.

Most of the drawings are out of proportion and that’s perfectly fine. You shouldn’t make it so obvious that a person suddenly gets gorilla arms. But when a drawing is very close, it’s good enough.

You can’t draw what you haven’t observed properly. Therefore always use a template. After all, it is very difficult to remember details. It is important not to forget to find a good template. Thanks to search engines, it’s not too difficult these days.

You don’t always know what you’re up to and that’s completely ok and normal. You don’t always get inspiration straight away and get started right away. Artist blockades are normal and you shouldn’t worry too much about them. Easier said than done I know …

Many painters use a projector and just paint over it and that is much more common than you think. You should never ask an artist if he does that, if the picture seems too realistic then he will never admit his trick. Assuming he unfortunately wants to ruin his business … because everyone can do that … no, not everyone can do that!

It’s not about how many you practice, but rather how many techniques and how good your observation skills are! It is just as important to have good templates!