Yes, we will all be replaced sooner or later … little by little, all jobs will probably disappear and then? What is left for us? Forever vacation? If progress is connected with complex problems … what happens if we don’t have to do anything anymore?

Admittedly, I am happy if we have lawyers and judges who can work 24/7 and our penal system is likely to be quick and uncomplicated.

And above all a little fairer from my own experience! Do not go down in history but I was neither accused by plaintiff! And my pragmatism from the start prevents me from automatically seeing our legal system as justice.

Please do not lawyers and judges think I do not appreciate your work until the machines can take over you are very much appreciated by me, even if quite controversial.

Exactly the same applies to my profession … why still have artists when machines can later take over everything … or can machines really get creative?

We don’t even know what creativity is, how it arises in the brain and how to assign it all correctly. Of course, with the help of a computer you can produce unexpected results. But the human component is always there.

As soon as a person is behind it, he is not the artist … is not the person the starting point?

To say the machine created it is one thing, but if no one had done something, would the machine be able to do it on its own? If not then the starting point is still the human being.

We are slowly becoming metaphysical here and it is not my intention to provide you with an answer, just a thought to nudge you! I plant a thought in you … so I manipulate you … where is the starting point here?