The definition of a cyborg is a symbiosis between humans and machines with humans as the starting point. The human being is always in the center because we have to start from ourselves! Very philosophical but true.

A cyborg can either increase his own performance with machines or use them to “replace” lost limbs. The first logical application is in medicine, everyone who has a pacemaker or an artificial hip can be described as a cyborg. It doesn’t always have to be a machine, everything that is artificial and not natural can already be a cyborg. Like a pirate’s hoe hand.

But does everything about the cyborg have to be connected to it 24/7? If someone with a leg prosthesis is a cyborg then that person can take it off.

If we have already established that a cyborg uses something man-made, then our evolution has been cyborgs, who have used tools to expand their abilities.

We also use tools and electrical devices all the time, we expand our memory with a camera, our ability to waste time with smartphones and our ability not to remember things with the Internet!

Wonderful we came to the conclusion that we are all cyborgs!

Whether we like it or not, the term cyborg has repeatedly evoked the classic image of the half-man, half-machine, who is either good or bad. Seeing yourself as such can be a bit strange. But we’re not the only cyborgs. Other animals also use tools, if not constantly. One shouldn’t be sad about that, if they had done that, the probability would be greater that we would end up behind the cage in the zoo today than they would!