You can tell a lot about the aura and the meaning of works of art. Everyone knows the Mona Lisa, a work by Leonardo Davinci. But what hardly anyone realizes is that most people know this image from a photo and isn’t it a copy? How can you talk about aura and meaning if you’ve never seen it.

Sorry for everyone who has never been to the Louvre, but the original Mona Lisa is quite small and so far away that you can hardly see it. If you only knew the picture from the Louvre, that would definitely be less meaningfull.

Admittedly, even I get weak in front of a Botichelli! The size alone is amazing, but when I see a print or copy of it, exactly the same thing happens!

The question is, can the aura be transferred to a copy? If it’s up to me, yes! It is a habit of the older generation to think about only the original Artwork!

Just looking at a photo or a film … the greatest photos and films of all time have all been reproduced very often. Nobody says if they don’t look at the original The Godfather that the aura of the film is no longer there …

It’s the same with digital art, the original consists of zero and one … it has nothing to do with what you see in reality. As a digital artist, I can’t even begin to define where my original is …

Especially in this digital age it is easier than ever to reproduce works of art. High quality prints today can be a fraction of what an original would be worth. In the end, it’s a win-win situation. The artist can sell more pictures and more people can enjoy the picture.

Meanwhile, we are so far that a very rich man wants to take a very expensive work of art with him to the grave … if that happens, the work of art is gone until the grave is looted. Only the copies will keep the memory of the picture.