The answer should be simple, what your brain can control? Or is it your limbs? But what about what you did is a work of art a part of you? Does the soul belong to it? Or worse, your social media account?

According to Sigmund Baummann Liquid Modernity, I seriously ask myself the question of where people stop.

Many of us spend more time in front of the smartphone, than we actually communicate with other people. We have more conversations on social media platforms than in real life.

Isn’t it the other way around, that we are more our virtual persona than the shell that we use to move around?

What happens if someone dies and someone else just continues their posts and conversations … for those who are not informed about the death … does the other person live on? What if an artificial intelligence has learned how the person expresses himself … wouldn’t that be some kind of immortality?

Certainly more questions are asked here than answers. But! can anyone completely answer these questions?

I recommend Sigmund Bauman’s books to everyone about the liquid modernity and society in this digital age.