When I wanted to become an artist, I never realized how many people have prejudices against artists. Don’t worry this won’t be a blog post about opression and how bad it is.

Most of the time art is not seen as a profession, only when you earn a lot of money are respected for it. But the way to get there can be difficult and take a long time.

In the beginning I had no success, no exhibitions, nothing … Nevertheless, I had worked just like everyone else. Discipline was the key to achieving something. But without outside pressure or recognition, neither in financial nor in any other form, is very tough. It eats into your mood and creates unnecessary stress and sleep disorders.

Only in order to be treated afterwards by others as if you were not doing anything is a slap in the face from people whom you call friends. After a while, I used it as a kind of protective mechanism. If you think I’m not working, then I’m not working! Envious that I lead such a great life?

But that is not a solution either, after all, knowledge and ability do not come from heaven. Many people forget that and when it comes from people close to them it is difficult to deal with. Many parents tell their children to learn something decent. This is well-intentioned advice indeed, but it can do more harm than good.

Creative professions are difficult to get into, but now more than ever you have more opportunities to find a niche for yourself. What I’ve always told my students is not only learning how to become an artist, but also marketing and sales. If you can’t do it all by yourself, find people who can help you. Real help is not given by those who “help” but only want to earn money in the back of artists!