The hype of great art has existed since the creation of art. Oh how highly some are praised and others demonized. From the simple fact that someone is bought by the rich and powerful. The terrible TOP 10 high earners in the art world.

Halt this blog post was definitely only created out of the envy that you are not in the top 10. And to some extent you could be right about that, but it certainly wasn’t going to make me happier or more unhappy than I already am.

This blog post deals with that. Are you allowed to criticize famous artists or dislike their work without being denounced and canceled for envy?

Funnily enough, my career has made me an artist who is very close to what Takeshi Murakami does, I don’t call my things Flat Paintings but any art historian could come up with the idea. I could give a lot of hints why my art is original and has little to do with his art. But as with a good work of art, we should focus and not lose the thread …

Most artists’ wallets are not really full, only a few can get a place at the top under the sun. That alone turns artists into people who tend to live on the edge of the corporate norm than other professions.

But there is something that likes to be hidden. Artists are constantly rated by people who have no idea about art. In principle, there are only viewers who have never really made art. I don’t mean someone who knows how painting works because they have held a brush, but rather those who can really decide whether an artist is successful or not.

Artists among themselves also evaluate each other and that constantly! But you don’t hear anything about it because it’s done under closed doors. Most of the time, this does not get into the public eye because you are otherwise labeled as arrogant or jealous.

But who can evaluate art better than those who sit every Taq in their studio and know exactly how a work of art is created. They know the uncertainties, difficulties and, above all, how much technology and sweat someone went into a work of art.

Of course you don’t need all of this knowledge to look at a work of art or learn to appreciate it. A simple like or not is sufficient as a starting point. But that as professionals in the field you are criticized for when we criticize others, but everyone else has this right, I think it’s wrong.

I just want to say that although I find Damien Hirst’s shredded glass works adorable everywhere he is an absolute catastrophic painter!