Everything that is on video can be used as evidence in court, e.g. surveillance cameras. What happens if you can edit these videos and replace faces with X any person?

Of course there are umpteen kinds of special effects, who doesn’t always want to spice up their vacation videos with Godzilla in the background.

The technology that can change entire recordings from simple photos seems to offer a whole host of new possibilities. Granted, this is not always what people expect, but it is very effective. In the past it was even used by Hollywood to bring dead players back to life or to rejuvenate some. Of course, it was very complex back then and with the technology of companies like NVidia it was even accessible to everyone. If you familiarize yourself with the technology.

Certainly large studios and other interest groups have no interest in this technology reaching the masses. Although we know it is only a matter of time until the time is finally here and then new branches will emerge, experts in video manipulation etc …

If there is insurance against theft and alteration of film material, please pay me my share as I will be the first to mention the idea!

That will definitely change the profession of Actors. In an interview with Anthony Mackie, he complained that while people remembered his character in the Avengers, they didn’t remember his Name. He was right I had to google his name. And deliberately do not write which character he is playing so that you can google him and get to know him a little;)

What the future holds for us!

If faceswaping becomes mainstream at some point, I can predict that this problem will get bigger and bigger. The new leading actor will most likely be everyone himself and will therefore replace his face, if the actress is not al gusto she will also be replaced with the girlfriend, lover or any other Template.

What can be a challenge is to match your height and skin tone if the changes are supposed to be very blatant. But for the extreme left and those in the cult of political correctness, this would be an opportunity to finally bring justice to films. Since every ethnicity could be replaced in every role. In my opinion, genders turn out to be a bit more complicated but would theoretically also be possible with the help of very advanced artificial intelligence that even changes the film in real time. Thus, an actor would be nothing more than a shell that you neither have to pay attention to nor acknowledge. Because they are nothing else than NPC’s or those who faces get replaced and the audience are the main characters.

Do you even want to introduce such blatant changes? Aren’t films ok the way they are? How do you do when you are sitting in the cinema, everyone gets their faceswap raffled off?