My Art

For me, art is comparable to a spiritual journey. It’s about exploring yourself and discovering new sides again and again.

The whole expressive power of lines and how they slowly form a figure or an object. Each line is different from the other and you will never be able to exhaust all the possibilities.

The reduction comes from the signal art, with as few strokes as possible to get the maximum out of the subject. Of course they are not extremely reduced. It’s always a challenge to find the balance, what do you leave on and what do you take away.

Sometimes my figures are compared to smilies, which shows a certain recognition value in my work, which is very much anchored in pop culture. Many of the figures are well-known, even if they are my own creations, they were inspired by well-known figures. Of course, always with a bit of self-criticism and irony.

For my works I usually use very strong colors, which is otherwise generally used very sparingly in art. This comes from the fact that normal art is too bland for me. There is an unusual calmness and security in strong colors. They radiate something positive. In some of my exhibitions, people have always mentioned the positive energy my paintings radiate. My hope is that the paintings will find a home where they can delight people and bring that positive energy. It is of great concern to me to present my figures to as wide an audience as possible.

Through the use of 11-color printing process and environmentally friendly latex paints, both the images on paper, as well as the noble variant on Allu-dibond are real eye-catchers.

For the banners and flags, which are over 3 meters in size, it is unfortunately difficult to find showrooms.

Or the patterns that are a rather experimental way to deal with lines, printed on the finest Duchess Satin, a fabric also used for wedding dresses.

The mandala-like motifs, which are repeated endlessly in the fabric, have a decorative character.

In the foreseeable future, new cartoons will also be created. That the pandemic will soon be over and hopefully there will be animated film festivals again.

But many of the videos will also be uploaded to YouTube. The restriction that you have to show videos on festivals first will surely be lifted soon because of the pandemic.

For the next t-shirt collection some experiments will be done with flex, flock and vinyl as well as digital print processes. It will take a while until something will be created, after all the demand is as high as for all other artworks.

A lifetime is far too short to try everything, so as long as it is possible for me, I will refine my art form and am very excited where the journey goes.

© Copyright 2021. by Ralf Braun