Commissioned work


It is important to consider at the beginning whether it is a classic or digital order!

Classic orders, such as drawings and paintings usually take a little longer, because you also have to take into account the shipping time.

Special orders, such as stickers or posters are sent by the printer.

All digital orders like illustrations, movies or animations are sent by email.

Animations and movies are usually very time consuming and will require some lead time. If additional voice or sound is needed, I can also recommend some good voice actors or sound designers!

An extra service I offer for some time are icons for games or apps, here is then charged for the total number of icons, including usage contract!

This is then only for the respective game / app + advertising intended.

If my drawing style is just right for your project, you can contact me!


I started giving courses while I was still a student. First in the art academy itself with Flash and Photoshop for other students.

Later, after graduation, when I was then responsible for Photoshop at the art academy, I taught every week.

At the same time also at the adult education centers with several courses for children, teenagers and adults.
As well as leading a comic AG for students in a high school in Nürtingen.

With this I was able to gain a lot of experience in this area, with the pandemic the courses have shifted more to the Internet.

So today I only offer correspondence courses over the internet.

The courses are divided into 5 areas, who wants to know more about it, should go to the page of the courses or click here.

Grafic Design

Many years of experience with customers from small and medium-sized businesses and some agencies. Especially in the field of print media and web design, includes creating a corporate design with all necessary templates and logo, designs for flyers, letterheads, invoices, etc… up to the finished website.

Promotional videos for sites like YouTube and banner ads for Facebook and Google are also possible.

All work is divided into 3 phases:

1 Consultation with the client.

2 Drafts which can be changed up to 2x.

3 Finished version is presented to the customer, one-time changes are still possible.

Of course I also offer templates for individual products in 3 areas:

Print: flyers, brochures, banners, business cards,

Invoice template, manuals, letterhead etc….

Media: Promotional clips, tutorials, cartoons and commercials.

Web design: website, web store, SEO, online marketing.

Consultations: I also offer consultations only! Which is charged depending on the scope.


Lectures are always something very special!
Over time, I have acquired a deep knowledge in some areas of both art and pop culture. So I started to give several small lectures. My most famous ones are the ones in the basement of Hotel Barbarossa in Konstanz for the student fraternity Alanya.

Whether it is about art, art history, storytelling and its secrets as well as comic characters, video games and movies.
There is a lot to tell about each topic.
It is always exciting to confront a slightly older audience with a topic they have not dealt with before.

Some examples of my talks.

Synergy between good and evil in comics.
Experiencing stories instead of telling them.

Why politically correct stories are bad.

How to draw much better in 5 minutes.

It’s Germany’s fault that Sailormoon exists!

What 10 years of independent animation has taught me.

The Miserabler the better the art!

How horror films are financially superior to everything else!

Love the art not the artist!


These are some of the lectures that have already been given in some form, be it online during the pandemic or in Germany. I would be happy to send a list of all lectures and their length to interested parties.

If you want to book me, please send me a message!

The fees vary depending on the location (or online) and length of the lecture, so no prices are given here!

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