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June, 2021

WEB COURSE Basic drawing course

5 hour course

Basics and method of drawing anything.

For all ages

5 places


June, 2021

WEBCOURSE Basic-Course comic strips

5 hour course

Basic concepts of Storytelling, comics and drawing.

Adults and adolescents

5 places


June, 2021

WEB COURSE Stop Motion course

5 hour course

Basics of stop motion with play dough or play dough.

For all ages

5 places

Web Kurze Informationen

The online courses take place via Zoom. The participants will receive their access data by e-mail the day before and upon receipt of the fees. In order to avoid problems with the connection, the session is opened half an hour before the start of the course, so that everyone can log in first or contact us in case of connection problems.

This half hour is also taken with pleasure, so that one gets to know each other briefly beforehand or the participants can express wishes or show their previous drawings.

The courses are offered in 4 categories.

Beginner courses: Here basics are explained, all the necessary knowledge you need to get started.

Advanced: Here the knowledge from the beginner course is expanded and more techniques are taught. The advanced course takes place only after enough participants have taken the beginner course.

Expert: Usually an expert course will take place 4 weeks after the advanced course. This is where the professional level starts, the course is demanding and lasts 2 days. Here all the basics and techniques are brought together so that the participant is able to start larger projects independently afterwards.

Theme specific courses: These courses are only about specific topics and are suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 people. Normally, if a course is oversubscribed, it is possible to make 2 courses out of it. The normal course duration is 2x 2.5 hours spread over 2 days.

Since I speak several languages, the courses are given in the language as they are announced! However, if someone wants to participate in a course in another language, he/she should do it through the form of the respective language.

At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate.

A topic that comes up again and again is private lessons, this can be arranged by agreement.

Courses Prices

Currently, for the 5 hours courses 50€ is required. Payment via bank account or Paypal. In addition, each participant receives a small PDF with the planned course of the course. There is all the important information so that everyone can concentrate on the course.

More information about the respective courses

To draw successfully requires the micromanagement of many different skills!

Gaining these skills requires more than a course. But like anything in life, a course can teach some good tips and techniques and greatly accelerate the learning process.

Drawing Basics: Is recommended for anyone wanting to start drawing but also for advanced students as a review. What pen to use with different papers, to easy exercises to draw more confidently. At the end of the course the participants should be able to recognize what they need to work on and which exercises are recommended. Course duration 5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

Anatomy Beginners Course: In the beginners course you will learn the basics of anatomy such as movement and proportions. As well as a system of how to best divide the body so as not to get confused. Highly recommended for those who want to draw people or animals. Course duration 5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

Anatomy Advanced Course: The advanced course deals with different perspectives and more
and more complicated poses, including knowledge of bones and muscles.
and muscles. Course duration 5 hours, price 80€ per participant.

Character Design: This course is a mixture between the Anatomy and the Basic course. It goes into more detail about what is needed to create characters. It also deals more intensively with form-finding than the other two courses. Course duration 5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

Sketching: This course is all about sketching, here you will learn several techniques on how to create quick and dynamic sketches. Other basics such as tension arcs and the quick capture of motifs are also covered here. By the end, everyone should be able to get started with their first sketchbook. Course duration 5 studen, price 50€ per participant.

Perspectives: Escape and horizon lines, as well as some other rules, are taught here so that participants will be able to create dynamic and perspective-accurate drawings. Course duration 5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

The comics course is a hybrid between a drawing course and storytelling course with emphasis on translating stories into pictures. This is a process that involves many small steps, such as dividing into panels, identifying the most important elements in a story.

Another important aspect is pacing, which dictates the speed of the story. Since the length of the story is highly variable, it is important to develop a feel for it. A story can always be lengthened or shortened.

The course covers all of these elements with varying emphasis.

Beginners’ course in comics: includes the basics necessary to create comics with few panels, like the ones you know from the newspaper. Course duration 5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

Advanced Comics Course: Builds on the beginner course and teaches techniques for larger stories as well as more complex panel structures. Course duration 5 hours, price 80€ per participant.

Expert Comics Course: Is for the professionals who want to make a full-fledged comic. This course consists of 5 days of 5 hours each, spread over 3 weeks. During this time all participants will create their own comic. Attention: the course requires a certain level of drawing skills! Each participant will also get 2 hours of individual consultation included. Price 500€ per participant.

If you prefer to draw manga instead of comics you can of course do that too!

How do you tell a good story? The great secret is that there really is such a thing as order in the chaos of storytelling. These basics have been applied for millennia both in ancient sagas, as later in folklore, and today in modern stories. With ample experience in different fields, I know the problems that can arise while developing a story.

Beginners Course – Short Stories: In this course, you will learn how to tell a short story quickly and purposefully. Short stories are an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to get into stories. The structure is not that complex and you can always make quick changes. The number of characters is also more manageable. This way you can gain experience to venture into more complex projects later on. Course duration 5 hours Price 50€.

Advanced Course – Complex Narration: Once you understand short story, you can venture into more complex projects. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle if you’re trying to write a book, for example. This course teaches some tricks and techniques that will make this wonderful journey more successful. The course expands on what you have already learned in the beginner’s course. Course duration 2 days, 5 hours each, price 150€.

Special course – The mystery of narration and its elements: This is a course for those who want to study narrative intensively. This is not a project, but a study of what makes a narrative, based on well-known stories. The function of individual characters and motifs as well as the meaning behind them. We go deep into these stories here to understand what makes them unique and how to incorporate that into your own work. This is a lot about discussion and most importantly broadening your horizons! This course goes 2 days 5 hours each with a day break in between, price 250€.

Digital art means images, whether they are first drawn by hand and then scanned or created exclusively on the computer. It is important to consider with which programs you want to work.

If you have not yet informed yourself, there is also a small introduction! Since it would be too much to explain all the programs that exist, we simply focus on 2 manufacturers Adobe and Corel.

The basis of digital art with Photoshop: Here the important basics in the program that you need for drawing and painting in Photoshop are taught. After the course you will be able to create your own works. Course duration 2x 2.5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

Advanced Digital Art with Photoshop: Here the participants learn everything necessary to refine his works, here are also taught basics of painting. Course duration 2x 2,5 hours, price 80€ per participant.

Foundation Digital Art with Corel Painter: Because of the way Corel is structured, this will be both an introduction to the program as well as a painting course. Course duration 2x 2,5 hours, price 50€ per participant.

Advanced Digital Art with Corel Painter: This course builds on the previous one, here all the basics will be expanded and more painting techniques like light/shadow, image composition etc… will be covered. Course duration 2x 2.5 hours, price 80€ per participant.

Animated films are complex and can take a long time to make. Although nowadays, with the help of the computer, you can save some work. Good organization is of the utmost importance!

Beginner’s course Stopmotion: With the help of a camera and plasticine or Lego, you can quickly and easily learn to bring your figures to life. This technique is known from series like Sandmännchen. With Stopmotion you can quickly achieve results and is an excellent course for children and anyone who wants to make something quickly. Course duration 5 hours.

Beginners Animation Basics: No previous experience is required for this course. It teaches classic animation, the 8 different animation principles, all the basics you need to complete small animations. For the course it is easier if you have a program like Photoshop (download demo for the course) and a graphics tablet (Bambo or better) to quickly see the results of your animation.

Course duration 2days 5 hours each, price 120€ per participant.

Advanced Animation: Here you will learn techniques that go far beyond the basics. Dynamic camera movements and how to manipulate specific movements and time in animated films to achieve the desired result. This course contains a lot of theory! And because of the complexity, unfortunately leaves little time for practice, so after 2 days of course there will be a break of 1 week, so that all participants can show their own experiments at the end. Course duration 3 days per 5 students, price 200€ per participant.

Beginners course Animator 4 Basics: This is a program with which you can create animated movies quickly and easily. This speeds up the workflow a lot. Unfortunately, the program also has some disadvantages and is not very intuitive. Therefore, for a faster introduction to the program, this course is offered. Can also be attended with an older version such as Animator 3. Also the standard version instead of the pipeline version can be used. It is important to remember that with Animator 3 and Standard some functions that are shown in the course are not available. Course duration 2 days, 5 hours each, price 120€.

With over 10 years of experience with Adobe programs, I can teach them all.

Acrobat, Adobe XD, After Effects, Animate, Audition, Bridge, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Media Encore Photoshop, Premiere, Soundboth and Substance 3d.

In the course of the time some things have changed and today there are also very good alternative to Adobe products many of them I also use in my work.

For these programs I will also offer courses at a later date, such as Affinity programs.

All courses have a duration of 15 hours spread over 3 days. If you need a specific course please contact me.

Beginners course Photoshop: Basics of the program, interface and individual tools and menus are explained. At the end of the course the participant will be able to master every function of the program. For optimal use of the program, it is recommended to repeat regularly after the course to internalize everything.

Advanced Photoshop course: Building on the beginner course, participants will learn how to accomplish more complex projects by combining what Photoshop has to offer. Techniques and tips for print and web are also taught in this course.

These courses are exclusive to companies and are priced according to need.

The course is designed based on the needs of each company.

There is a basic distinction between print or web solution!

Print course for companies: Here the company receives a complete course on planning, design and completion of print material. With the support of Adobe programs, any project can be implemented. Since it is a very elaborate course, the duration and design is kept flexible by the course and should be discussed in detail beforehand.

Web Course for Business: Whether it is maintaining your own website with WordPress, advertising campaign with Google/Facebook or YouTube videos, I have the right solution for every business. Since it is a very elaborate course, the duration and the design of the course is kept flexible and should be discussed in detail beforehand.

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