Freelance graphic designer and artistic director

For me there is not much difference between design and art. Both express something, both use the same programs on the computer, and both use the same principles. Therefore it was not surprising that I am also interested in graphic design.

After many years of experience in print, media and web design, I am convinced that I can realize any imaginable project quickly and easily.

Graphic design is created digitally nowadays, which helps to work fast and uncomplicated for customers, even worldwide!

Satisfied customers after the realization of a project are a great motivation for me.

Art critic is not a customer for the artist, art is bought because you like it. The client for graphic design has his justified criticism because graphic design has to serve a certain purpose.

That is why it is easier to grow in the field and over time, I have very satisfied customers. One reason for this is that I NO longer place print jobs myself, but let the clients do it.

This has 2 advantages, 1. if there are problems, the customer can handle it directly with the printer. 2. the cheaper the printer, the more often there are problems, that is, delays. Conclusion, the graphic designer is to blame.

Printers react much faster and more courteous to the end customer. Most of the time it is worth to ask for a direct connection to the head office on the phone!

I have many years of experience with projects and have worked for several companies and agencies.

None is mentioned here, thank the federal government, because of DSVGO I would have had to get permission from each. Since the legal situation is still very fuzzy, I prefer not to mention previous clients to not collect a warning.

I am here as open and transparent as hardly anyone in the industry. For all those who are looking for a specialist in all Adobe programs + Afinity and have an exciting project, have here a good contact!

Who is interested just send an email and describe the project in more detail!

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