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Key Competences

Art … what is art? I do not know that! End of the song … after more than 10 years I can hardly answer this question.

About my art, well that’s a completely different question!

My passion lies in reduction, simple shapes and not overly complicated drawings, just like the old comic artists.

Strong and brilliant colors so that everything looks a lot livelier and happier and you would have created one of my pictures with them;)


For me there is not much of a difference between design and art. Both express something, both use the same programs on the computer and both use the same principles. So it wasn’t surprising that I got interested in graphic design.

After my many years of experience in print, media and web design, I am convinced that I can implement every imaginable project quickly and easily.

If you are interested, just send an email and describe the plan in more detail!

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UPCOMING courses


June, 2021

WEBCOURSE Basic-Course Drawing

5 Hour Course

Basics concepts and method to star drawing anything.

For all Ages

5 Places


June, 2021

WEBCOURSE Basic-Course comic stripes

5 Hour Course

Basics of Storytelling, Panel division and Drawing.

Adults and Teenagers

5 Places


June, 2021

WEBCOURSE Basic-Course Stop Motion

5 Hour Course

Basics of stop motion with clay or modeling clay.

For all Ages

5 Places

Great art is strange

In the course of time one is confronted again and again with new methods and possibilities, the main task of an artist is to find the optimal form to present his idea in art form.

Today more than ever, an artist is no longer just a painter or draftsman but has to deal with the new digital possibilities.

This confrontation resulted in something that was not understandable for the old art world, not originals, everything is a copy in the spirit of computer-generated content.

Digital Art
Grafic Design
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